Just as the birth of a child is a habituation phase for a woman, it is also the change of the body getting used to. These changes are like stretch marks in the skin and breast, sagging breasts and loose skin of the abdomen and arms, loss of strength of the anterior abdominal wall, formation of regional fat deposition in the skin and in particular the extension of the vagina and the anatomy of the normal breakdown of women who gave birth in the postpartum period and is often associated with changes in symptoms.

What Are Genital Region Aesthetic Operations and Their Purposes?

It is important to have a high self-confidence in order to have a healthy sexual life. A natural and youthful appearance obtained through genital region aesthetic operations supports healthy sexual life.

Pubic area and genital structures experience changes with the passing time, sexual activity, births, weight gains and losses. The most commonly performed female genital region operations are vaginoplasty, labioplasty, and rejuvenation of the appearance of outer lips with fat-graft.

Depending on the amount of tissue in the pubic area, fat-shaping (liposuction, fat-graft) procedures are used to obtain an aesthetic and natural appearance.

Treatment Details


How Is The Preparation Before Postpartum Body Contouring operations?

General rules apply for Postpartum Body Contouring operations are; stop taking or regulating Aspirin and other blood-diluting drugs least 1 week before the surgery, not consuming vitamins (such as vitamin e), herbal products (tomato seeds, cherry stalk etc) herbal teas, not taking any alcohol within 24-48 hours before the surgery, quitting smoke 3 weeks before the surgery and not smoking in the recovery period after the surgery.

Agregue una nota al médico

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Treatment Plan

  • Stay in Turkey :  3-4 Days
  • Stay in Hospital :  1-2  Days
  • Operation Type : General anesthesia
  • Companion  : Not needed. Patient can take care of himself.
  • Surgery Time  : 2 – 6 Hours

Surgery Details

How Long Is The Recovery Time Of This Operation ?

It is required to stay in the hospital 24-48 hours after surgery. The patient advised wearing the special sports bra. We recommend wearing this bra for a period of 3 weeks. The stitches are removed within 15 days. The patient may take a bath after 7-10 days.

Is Breast Surgery A Cosmetic Surgery That Leaves Scars?

Yes, it leaves scars but if it was sewn up properly and the correct treatment and follow-up are well done then the patient has no problems. The scar healing can be problematic due to the factors such as anemia, smoking, poorly controlled diabetes, obesity, etc. The scar fades within 2 years. After removal of the stitches, we recommend using the scar creams.

How is Scar In Genital Region Aesthetic Operations?

There is no need for removal of the stitches in the genital region aesthetic operations since soluble stitches are used. The scares usually take an indistinctive form in time and they are hidden scars. Still, the healing of the wound is specific to the person in question.

What Are Your Operations In The Abdomen ?

On the degree of laxity of the abdominal muscles and deciding which method a mini-abdominoplasty or may be fully applied. After the examination, it can be joined to the hip area. The abdominal toning surgical incision is planned so it will remain a scar of about 40-50 cm as a caesarean section. The sagging skin and the subcutaneous fatty tissue are removed. At the same time, the abdominal muscles that were extended too much by the OP are approximated and repaired.

How Is The Healing Process Of Tummy Tuck Surgery?

After the tummy tucks surgery, it is enough to stay in a hospital for 24-48 hours. We recommend wearing a corset at least for a period of 3 weeks. On Day 15 sutures are removed. After the 10th Day, you can take a bath.

Is A Tummy Tuck Surgery Painful?

The first 24 hours it can be more tiring. This is because the enlarged abdomen is narrowed and hardened. The feeling of pressure, abdominal pain, the feeling of fullness may be experienced. You must eat very little but often. In particular, large amounts of tissue can weak the patient when they were removed. The patient will feel better in about 3 days. From the 10th day, the patient can return to work. The first 2 months we do not recommend weight lifting, but after 1 month you can operate hiking, swimming, and sports activities. After surgery, the swelling may last up to 2 months. The end result can be viewed only after 2 months.