Q? Do you own Estevien Clinic?

Yes we are. We make our interviews in our clinic and we perform our surgeries in our partner hospital.

Q? Are you medical travel agency?

We are “International Surgery Center”. It means that all the procedures which belong to your treatment is our main job. Includes hotel and transportation of medical treatment.

Q? Does your Clinic has its own building or located in a private building or in hospital ?

Estevien Clinic has own building in Istanbul. All consultations before operation are occurred in our Clinic. Our medical doctors perform operations in our partner hospital in special operating rooms.

Q? How many years experience do your doctors have?

Dr. Okan Morkoc has more than 15 years experience with more than 1000 successful operations. Dr. Esin Egilmez has more than 10 years experience with more than 2000 successful operations.

Q? How is the recovery process after the plastic surgery?

Each person is different so as the each medical case. Therefore patients tolerate pain in different ways. The recovery time changes according to each person’s immune system and physical condition.Our surgeon will prescribe the appropriate medications to help you recover as fast and best possible to minimize any discomfort.

Q? Who is your hair transplant team including doctors & other staff who perform hair transplant?

For aesthetic surgeries, Cosmetic Surgeon Okan Morkoc, MD performs the surgeries. For hair transplant, Hair Transplant Professional Esin Egilmez, MD who is certificated by ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) performs the hair transplant surgeries with her professional team.

Q? After hair transplant if we find gaps, spots, will it be fixed without fee of charge?

We always guarantee our operations and after operation we  are going to provide you a guarantee certificate. Following-up our patients is our main concern.

Q? Can I see the sketch drawings for grafts distribution plan by the doctor?

It will be completely by Dr. Esin Egilmez. She is going to calculate graft numbers and sketch the front line.

Q? What is the name of the hotels which I will stay in?

We have several options such as 4* 5* hotels. While consultation you will decide your hotel.

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